Trading patterns

Searching for tradings patterns - is a difficult task. We made web service, so you can extract typical market situations.

Data mining
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About project


To build a web service, which gives an ability to test and share trade patterns ideas.


  • Web-client was build with AngularJS
  • Backend software was developed for the efficient processing of stock trades

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Stock markets

In today's rapidly changing world, old ideas and approaches to financial management may not always work. Who would have thought in 2014 there would be ruble devaluation in Russia? Modern investor is not satisfied with traditional ways of keeping savings and investing. Therefore, many are beginning to pay attention to alternative methods of investing money, such as trading in the foreign exchange and stock markets.

Despite the risks, every day more and more people are taking control of their finances into their own hands and open online brokerage accounts. Competition in this area is enormous, so brokers need more and more ways to fight for his client. Reducing the size of the commissions is no longer possible, a different approach is needed. And we have one!

The main trend among brokers in recent years is to provide its clients with unique tools for analysis and trading in the foreign exchange and stock markets. A powerful and functional software that can cope with present needs — that's what many are looking for.

Therefore, in cooperation with one of the largest Russian players in this business, we are launching a new, unique tool for market analysis and searching of trade situations.

Pic 1. Pattern creating interface

The system is based on the concept of a Pattern — a sequence of stock market transactions, which form a pattern of the market situation favorable for the purchase or sale. This popular notion is used by a lot of traders. But to ensure that pattern really «works», you need either to look through the history of trades to find the situation, or to pay a programmer to make a program to complete the search. Both ways have a number of drawbacks: it takes a lot of time and effort, expensive, easy to make mistakes.

We have developed a solution that includes the following benefits:

  • Database of patterns from popular sources
  • The ability to create a pattern-based rules
  • Automatic search for market situations similar to selected one
  • Look up for a pattern in the history of transactions over a long period of time

and many other features

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