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We develop Deep Learning solutions for various business sectors.

Our primary focus — computer vision and recommendation systems.

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Completed projects

Cars without driver

Self-driving cars are among the most anticipated trends of near future.

And not just regular cars — same scene understanding and decision making technologies are also applicable in warehouse automation, agricultural machinery and other areas.

Our solutions

Interactive Recommendation System

High-quality recommendations is a proven tool to improve conversion rate. Giants like Netflix and Amazon have confirmed that fact. From e-commerce and streaming services to news portals, a good recommendation systems can significantly increase user engagement.

Our solutions

Automated trading

Stock market and machine learning are close friends.

At Deep Systems we use artificial intelligence methods to develop trading strategies and market analysis web services.

Our solutions

Object recognition

Every day the world generates a huge amount of photo and video information.

Convolutional neural networks are capable of solving problems like image segmentation, classification, object detection and more.

Our solutions

Image segmentation

Machine learning acceptance is rapidly growing in medical informatics and health care.

Deep Learning is widely used for organs segmentation within images, tumor detection, recovering 3D structure from a series of 2D images, and so on.

Our solutions

Our team

At Deep Systems we have managed to build team of qualified professionals.

Expertise and competence of our staff are key for developing innovative enterprise solutions. We take on the entire development cycle: from R&D to production deployment.

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Machine learning

Our R&D team of PhDs and top university graduates is always on the bleeding edge of machine learning research, especially when it comes to Deep Learning.

Strong mathematical background is what makes us capable of solving problems that look impossible at first glance.

Deep Learning
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Software engineering

Our engineers understand business requirements and not only develop flexible and efficient end-to-end solutions, but also know how to complete integration with existing enterprise operations.

Our expertise in software design, development and deployment is the result of many successful projects.

Web services
Cloud solutions

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Machine learning


Software development

Continuous Integration

Web applications

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Our vision

With sufficient amount of data neural networks show superhuman performance. Every example in training data improves results.

It's Deep Learning revolution, started in 2012.

AI is a new Electricity
— Andrew Ng